COVID-19 BBNC community service update

COVID 19 Update

Firstly I would like to thank the Balmoral community for the phone calls and visits of support to us at the centre over the past week. You share our concern for our staff and those most at risk in the community with regard to the rapid community transmission of COVID 19 in Victoria over the past week. I thank our staff , in particular our clinicians for their diligent work as they uphold our conservative approach to managing risk. In light of the additional 288 positive cases in Victoria today we will continue our current service hours for an additional two weeks and then review. The centre is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays, appointment preferred. Our staff continue to work 5 days per week delivering social support, home visits, monitoring and advocacy for those in need. We are available for primary care matters on other days on demand. Our emergency role in the community remains unchanged. Should a member of staff be exposed to the virus the fall out is significant for a small service such as ours. I know it is not easy but we plead with you to please stay home, limit your social contacts, social distance and wash your hands. If you cannot social distance the current advice is that you consider wearing a mask.

Thank you for your support

Lisa Hutchins

Health Service Manager

Balmoral/Dartmoor Bush Nursing Centres


26 Bell Street, Balmoral VIC 3407

03 5570 1304 |


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