Dental Services

This service has been suspended until further notice due to the Corona Virus.

Public and Private Dental services are available at the Balmoral Bush Nursing Centre through South West Dental Services staff who visit the Centre every eight weeks.

A full range of dental services is available to people of all ages.

Most dental services available to children aged between 0 and 12 with a  Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or dependents of HCC or PCC cardholders receive treatment free of charge. Some charges may apply for non HCC or PCC holders. Please enquire.

Adults on an HCC or PCC can access a full range of dental services as a public patient. Private patients can access the service on a fee for service basis.

Services available include:

  • Examination/checkup
  • Consultations
  • Cleaning
  • Fillings
  • Simple Extractions
  • Surgical/Complex Extractions
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Partial/Full Dentures

Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule applies to eligible families.

For more information or an appointment please call South West Dental staff on 5551 8347

Visiting dates in Balmoral available here.

Kyshen, Dental Therapist attends to a patient